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The beautiful and intricate rhythms of African music stir our souls, bringing the origins of art and culture to our conscious minds. With this inspiration to guide us, We have developed a repertoire which combines traditional African songs and our own African influenced original music.

We call this combination
(pronounced Bombato)

Bomphato means 'Friends' in Lesotho, South Africa.

Our traditional instrumentation includes djembe, sangban, dunumba, djabara, congas, kalimba, shekere, kenkeni, and a myriad of other African hand percussion.

Powerful rhythms make carefree movement and dancing irresistable.

Let your spirit be lifted with our entrancing vocal harmonies.

Some of the music can be mellow for contemplation, and for warm sharing with friends and family.

Gathering around for traditional story telling can also be a part of the show.

Dynamic shows your audiences will never forget feature richly costumed dancers attuned to every beat of the drums. Our shows are both entertaining and educational.

MP3 Audio Clips:

African Demo 1

African Demo 2

African Demo 3

African Demo 4

Voice (858) 273-1886 / FAX (858) 272-9883